4 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex

Sex is great.  We all know that.  But, the power of sex within marriage goes way beyond pleasure.

For the past few weeks hubby and I have been going through a lot of things that unknowingly caused us to loose focus of our friendship.  He was consumed with work and paying bills and I was focused on taking care of Nicholas and making sure our home was what hubby needed it to be when he got home.  While we were both operating in our roles, we overlooked the importance of being connected sexually.  Things started to get pretty tense and we got into a disagreement that had us talking in circles about our opinions, feelings, and everything in between.

The next morning we woke up and cuddled in bed.  I was still a bit bothered from the night before so I wasn’t trying to lend myself to anything sexual.  In the moment, I believed that having sex wouldn’t help.  Boy was I wrong!

After our morning together, I had a fresh realization of four major benefits of having sex.

Say Yes to Sex!

  1. It builds intimacy – the definition of intimate is “private and personal”.  Having sex with your spouse takes you on a journey to a private and personal part of them that can only be explored through sex.
  2. It breaks down walls – Having sex brings a freedom that makes it impossible for walls to stay up.
  3. It relieves stress – God is so incredible! He made it so that sex releases endorphins that cause you to stress less!
  4. It makes love – it’s no wonder that lovemaking is a commonly used term for having sex.  In marriage, having sex literally creates [more] love between spouses.

While I’m sure there are a million more reasons why we should all be having more sex, these four literally popped out at me and it was too profound to share! Sometimes after being married so long we forget how important sex is beyond just pleasure.  The next time you’re making love with your hubby, keep these points in mind and allow yourself to be completely free!

Happy sexing!! 😀


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