WU is an organization that seeks to empower and unite wives through small groups, inspirational videos, blogs, and events.

Wives United was birthed on the L train in New York City. While on their way home from work, Kim and Celeste were talking about the importance of friendship and how much theirs had benefited their personal lives as well as their marriages. As the conversation continued and the days passed, the two women were filled with inspiration to begin an organization that allowed other wives all over the world to experience the benefits of talking to, venting, being accountable to, and learning from each other in an effort to better their lives and their marriages. As the idea matured, the organization was created to build a sisterhood, grounded on biblical principles, that would encourage wives to not only mature and conquer in their various roles but also to build marriages that are destined to prosper.


Celeste Charles

Celeste Charles is a vibrant young woman from Brooklyn, N.Y. She has been married to her husband, Terrence for three years, is the mother of a bubbling infant, and has a deep passion for wives and a desire to see all marriages grow and flourish the way God intended them to.  She is currently the founder of the lifestyle blog, LessysWorld.com where she discusses marriage, motherhood, and everything in between.

Contact Info –
Blog: www.LessysWorld.com
Instagram & Twitter : @LessysWorld

Kimberly Sayers

Kimberly Sayers is an aspiring marriage and family therapist and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has been married for 5 years to the amazing Jaime Sayers and is an obsessed mom to Caleb and Amelia. Her God given inspiration and passion for women, marriage and families have driven her to create a forum of unity to serve those in need in these areas. She is energetic, fun loving and excited to present Wives Unite to the world!

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