Our Struggle is REAL….

What can be said when everyone else has spoken? When hashtags represent bodies, When a nation is in turmoil, when confusion has run rampant and fear seems to be the root of all evil in this world.

What can be said when you are so hurt? There are no longer words that can ease the pain?

The picture replays……
It’s another horror movie in HD and looks way toooo real

But it is very real…

Fear grips as the possibilities swarm through my mind……

I am the wife of a man who is gentle and hardworking in my eyes but feared and hated in the eyes of another.

I am the mother of a playful toddler who is innocent and harmless but a threat in the eyes of another.

To protect them, I say pull up your pants, use a belt, keep your hands on the wheel, say yes sir,  study hard, show yourself approved, smile, give no impression of sarcasm or rudeness.  

To protect our daughters we combat media everyday reassuring them that they are kind, smart and important. That their melanin is a thing of pure beauty, essence and elegance…….

Their names were given God inspired. But these days I second guess and wonder if I was trying to intentionally ensure that their name didn’t  sound too “ethnic”.


So that they can get an opportunity for the world to see them face to face and see the greatness I see in them daily…….

Down he goes another one bites the dust.

We are hurting, we are angry and  worst of ALL we are fearful.

It’s the root of it all
It’s the fight or flight
It’s the fear of the unknown
It’s the fear of the differences
It’s the fear of discomfort

No justifications and excuses needed
Lives were lost
Lives are still being lost.

Now as Wives United with our sisters black, white, blue bleeding the same red

We mourn with the wives, the mothers, the sisters, the aunts and the friends all over this country

All lives DO matter but just for a moment before you take offense and get on the defense just hear and understand just for one moment

Our pain is REAL….

There is injustice in this world towards the black community

Be it intentional and unintentional

We didn’t wake up one day and decide to be angry

We live this life daily

And while we try in so many ways to go against the statistical grain, the truth of the matter is that fear will leave others blinded and biased

We don’t need your sympathy but we would appreciate your empathy

At the end of the day the solution will always be love.

Because perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18)

We are aware that all blacks aren’t fighting against each other. We know that all the whites aren’t racist and we know that all police officers aren’t corrupt 

But just for one moment can we just admit the truth

Just hear us. Just understand us.

Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things (Philippians 4:8)

with a burdened but loving heart


Praying for comfort and all the lives lost this week. Even in the midst of hurt and pain, let us never step out of character. Let us peacefully unite. But most of all..

Let us all LOVE.


  • This is very well said. I find myself in a state of worry at times. But then when I realize why these things are happening then I become sober minded. This is a spiritual battle. “Black” people have been going through this fight for decades, and until our people wakeup and submit unto to the Lord our people will never come out. This is prohecy from the Lord himself. Dueteronmy states this very clearly. God has a chosen people still out there, and it is not the “Jews” in Israel today. The Lord said that you will know his chosen people by the curses not the blessings. “Black” people are God’s chosen people. We are Hebrews. Now I don’t follow any cults or doctrines but this is the reason why our people continue to suffer. Until we repent of our ways this will continue to happen. It’s very grievous indeed but we as a nation must humble ourselves unto the Lord and submit to His ways. Repenting of ALL sin that goes against His word. The Lord requires Holiness that’s the only way this curse can be lifted from God’s Chosen people Israel. Dueteronmy 28
    ..watch and pray.♡

  • I guess this is a sensitive topic? I was just trying to put my input regarding these situations going on. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Take care♡

    • Hello Anon, Thank you so much for your input and for connecting with us. It is a sensitive topic but while it is, it is also important that our voices be heard! Thank you for joining the conversation! Offended??!! NO WAY!!!!! this is a safe space my dear!!!! please continue to share!

  • Hi Kimberly 🙂 thank you for responding. I do have a off topic question though. I notice that a lot of women suffer from infertility issues weather it be caused by fibroids,pcos, menstrual issues etc. Do you have any thoughtsuggestions on this issue? I think a lot of women suffer silently because it may look like a lack of faith when you desire children and the process seems long at times…any suggestions would be great. Btw your wedding picture is beautiful 🙂


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