Setting the Atmosphere

Home is where the heart is! A retreat. It is a place of liberation where we can be our true selves. A serene place where we can be naked and unashamed. Most importantly it is a resting place where we are rejuvenated, empowered, inspired and uplifted.

A homemaker’s job responsibilities usually refer to making sure that food is steady and yummy. The house is always clean and everything is in order. While these things are true, the role of the homemaker far exceeds this. A HUGE part of who we are as wives is an atmosphere setter!

Our very being is home to our husbands.

Here are some questions to consider.

Is my home atmosphere joyful?
Is my home inviting, loving and nurturing?
Is my husband excited to come home?
Am I always complaining?
Am I uptight?
Am I too serious?
Does my husband feel degraded?

As wives we must understand that our husbands depend on us to believe in them, love, respect, help and speak highly of them. In order to accomplish this we must think about our home atmosphere and the vibes we are giving off!

No one will ever know our husbands more than we do! We see parts of him that no one else will ever see. We know his strengths, weaknesses, fears and dreams. We see the areas where he is most confident and we also see his insecurities. Being so close to him gives us the power to build him. However, our closeness unfortunately can also give us the power to tear him down.

Our husbands need us to honor them! In honoring him, he will reach his fullest potential. The atmosphere we set for our husbands is crucial for his continued development. As the husband is the head of the household his success is our success just as his failures are our failures.

During the dating season, we fell in love with our husband’s potential, vision and strength. We loved what he could offer us and how he made us feel! Now that we have entered into a marriage covenant, we have to now see what our husbands saw in us and “be about it”.

Your husbands chose you because you are strong! He also chose you because he recognized that you were the part of the equation that would catapult him further into purpose and destiny.

Let’s be intentional about setting the right atmosphere for our husbands! Welcome him home! Encourage him daily! Tell him that he is doing a great job as a man, husband and a father! Respect him! Honor him! Love him unconditionally. Admire him. Do not judge him! Do not criticize him! Most importantly never embarrass or belittle him in private and ESPECIALLY in public. Speak blessings over his life daily! Pray for him daily! Planting these seeds will bring a bountiful harvest in your marriage.

Couples whose marriages last a life time live by these principals. You may say…. “Well Kim? What about him? do you have a blog post for him? I want him to love and respect me. I want him to put in all the work i’m putting in.” Well the answer to that question is….. No I don’t have a post for him. You see ladies we have to get back to the principal about giving with out the expectation of receiving in return. Am I saying that your husband shouldn’t love you and treat you like the queen that you are? Ooooo on I most certainly am not. You are a treasure and you ought to be treated as such. However……

Catch this revalation…. Don’t miss this….

Giving with the expectation of a return means that your love would be conditioned upon what your husband can, should, did or didn’t do for you.

Those aren’t the vows you made. Your love has to be selfless and unconditional.

You would be surprised though! A little affirmation goes a long way! The loving only gets sweeter from here ;)! Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Be encouraged!

Please share with us! What are some things that you do to set your home atmosphere?!?





  • Hi:) what I’m learning to do when I’m stressed out is cry to the Lord or try to encourage myself in the scriptures. While at times it seems very hard to submit, I do believe that no matter what God will honor his promises unto us. Even if my husband fails I still have to trust him and believe that The Lord will work through him even in error. This is a very nice post hard to hear at times when your going through hardship but meaningful.

    • Hello Anon!
      Thank you for sharing! We are all still learning! I love this forum because we can all learn, share and grow together! God will honor His promises. Continue to trust the work that God is doing in your husband. Keep praying! Our husbands will make mistakes. When they do, we have to try to encourage them. It’s not always easy esp when we see the outcome ahead of time but always try to keep the communication open. We want our husbands to welcome our input and our insight. If we add our insight with encouragement, he will be more open to receive what we are trying to say. its def hard but our approach will always make the difference!


  • I wrote notes on small pieces of paper and hid them in places he normally goes to. They brought the biggest smile to his face after a long day at work. This was very insightful in straight to the point. I love it. Keep up the good work. Your passion shines through.

    • Hi Normel!!!

      Thanks for sharing I totally LOVE that idea and will be using it myself self!!!!


      • yay, he will love it! It wasn’t like he didn’t know those things, but cute reminders seemed to do something different. was glad i did it 😉

  • That sounds like a good idea normel:) I have to try this. I try to send small notes with his lunch but I’m not consistent with it. Kimberly what you have said is so true about our husbands making mistakes. When we are in the right mindset we will be able to encourage them:) thank you for this and I look forward for more post to come:).


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