Keep Calm and Submit

Submission – that scary word that most single, engaged, and even married women tremble at! But fear not! Submission has WAAAAAY more benefits than most women realize.

Submission brings an intimacy to your marriage that other forms of love can’t. Imagine this – your husband HATES giving massages and you come home one day tired, sore, and in need of a good rub down. Your husband has two options – he can straight up say no, because he doesn’t like to give them and because he thinks all you need is a hot shower and you’ll be ok OR he can say YES! While it’s understandable for him to say no, if he does indeed say yes, what does that say to you? That he’s considering YOUR feelings and wants to do something that will be an asset to YOU. Now, let’s flip the script – when you’re submissive to your husband despite your own desires, it shows him that you RESPECT him and that his thoughts and decisions as your man and your leader matter to you. When this realization occurs, seeds of intimacy and love are planted that will definitely better your marriage and the way you and your husband esteem each other.

Being submissive will not only benefit you, as you’d be obeying the bible, but it in turn challenges your husband to do his part. It’s easy to want to take control and do things yourself, especially if you’re a natural leader; but when you do this, you are stepping into your husband’s role. If you’re doing his job how and WHY will he do his? In addition, why put yourself in a situation where you’re trying to handle your husband’s tasks alongside your own. Submitting to your husband shows him that you trust him more than yourself, that you trust that God gave you a man who can lead you, AND it allows you to better take care of the many roles that you have to juggle. So, the next time your husband suggests something you don’t like or makes an executive decision that you’re not in agreement with, sit back and submit. If it’s REALLY bothering you, pray for him – that God will be his ultimate guide even when he’s moving in areas that you don’t think are best. And keep in mind, there are some things that God will share directly with your husband (and NOT you) BECAUSE of the simple fact that he is indeed the leader of your home.

So…in short, relax and trust your man and I GUARANTEE that God will honor your commitment to Him, your husband, and your role.

Helpful Resource: If you’re having a hard time submitting to your husband, here’s a scripture that can help you along:

“In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome…” -1 John 5:3 (NIV)

Allow your love for Christ to drive you to keep his commandments where it concerns submitting to your husband. At moments when you feel like it’s too hard, remind yourself that “His commandments are not burdensome”. Use the power of your words to transform your actions. Tell yourself over and over or as much as you need to, that anything God commands you to do, is not hard and that you can do. God believes in you and so do I! 🙂


  • this was very good advice. Loved the example at the beginning

  • I believe in submission to my husband. He is a good husband most of the time and a great father to our daughter. I pray for him daily. I work on showing him more often my appreciation. Pray for our marriage. Marriage is work; finding together time, communicating, compromising, date night, trying to keep the spice, praying together. ..


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