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The Hurting Wife…

Hello again you fabulous wives!!!!! Celeste and I are so excited to present:


We recognize that our stories are not the only stories. While we build this wonderful virtual community we only see this feature as an opportunity to meet more wives who may be experiencing some of the very same issues that you are all experiencing!  In addition to their experiences, these beauties will share with us how they OVERCAME! We can all help each other along this journey! This is the space where WIVES UNITE! With that being said and without further Adieu, We would love to introduce you to

***Nancy Anderson***

  I went into marriage not fully aware of what I had suppressed on the inside for years. The very first month of marriage, I felt trapped and I went straight into panic mode. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. I found myself lashing out, depressed, and regretting that I chose to be married. I even grew miserable of the sight of those “Happily Married” couples.   I would blame it on my husband but I now see it had absolutely nothing to do with him at all and everything to do with the neglect of my broken heart. A broken heart that had it’s first shatter at the age of Four.


Disappointment, pain, hurt and anger are all emotions I know all to well. Those emotions had taken a permanent resting place and we became one. My husband noticed that something was wrong but couldn’t figure out how to help. I wanted out and even became physically abusive. I was so broken that his normal human flaws sent me into an unstable downward spiral. Four years of confusion and chaos and then we ended up separated…

That’s when God began to deal with me. I had to let go of my right to be bitter and humble myself to see what was really wrong. As I went into self analyzing, I saw how controlling I was. I was manipulative, I had trust issues, I feared being hurt, and I wasn’t allowing God to be God in my life. I was looking to my husband to be God and he wasn’t. He was learning just like I was. He was new to everything , just like I was. He also dealt with things differently than I did.


Where was the compassion? I didn’t have any because I could only see through the lens of my hurt and broken heart. I was afraid to let anyone in, only to hurt me again, only to cause more damage. I’d numb myself and had no clue where to start. Although I’m very much still being healed from the 20+ years of layered hurt, I’m aware…….It’s extremely uncomfortable.

My husband and I are now back together. We’re aware that only God is going to get us through.  We’re grateful for His grace, love, mercy, compassion and his healing living word. This hurting wife is becoming a healed wife.

Moving forward I just want to love unconditionally and trust my husband to be my husband more!

If I could give any advice, it would be to take some time alone and pray with sincerity asking God to show you your true selves. This prayer isn’t for your spouses at all. It is completely about what’s going on inside of you. For some of you it may be scary but I want to challenge you to be vulnerable enough to let God in because He is the ONLY one who truly knows what you need. While praying, also ask for instructions on practical steps you can take to help in your healing process.


Wasn’t Nancy’s story incredible? We know that your story is incredible as well! Are  you feeling inspired to share your story?!?! Well we would love to provide you with a place where you can change the lives of so many women!!! Please email your stories to Help us inspire and empower all wives to be their best selves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

With so much love!




  • That was a beautiful story, how you were able to realize that you carried hurt from many years in your marriage and looking to your husband for help. I love how transparent you, and I do think that many wives struggle with this issue of not seeing that they may have situations that needs to be dealt with, but instead projection start to take place, and everything begins to gets gloomy. I love how God can bring us through situations that brings us to place of humility, where we can fully see ourselves and seek him for help. I’m so glad that you and husband are back together. Thank you for sharing.

  • Can’t wait to read more in this series. Trusting that many will be blessed.


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