The Power of a Praying Wife Book Review

For two consecutive years, Wives Unite has hosted private events for ladies who were getting married that year (we’re planning on going public with the event next year so be on the lookout for it!).  At each event, we focus on different aspects of marriage one of which is PRAYER!

As wives, and influencers to these engaged women, we always make sure to mention a book that we like to refer to as the holy grail of marriage – “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian.  Personally my favorite thing about the book is that it focuses 100% on the husband and how we can help him.


As human beings, it’s natural to think about ourselves.  If something goes wrong in our lives, we often think about how that wrong has affected us.  We are usually the “victim” and often times we carry that into our marriages, which can be super dangerous.  The way this book is written, it gives you no choice but to send your prayers as a help for your husband and not in frustration to God only focusing on all that your husband isn’t doing.

The first chapter entitled “His Wife”, talks all about giving yourself to your husband in a way that truly supports him.  After reading that portion for the first time (in 2013 when I got married), I felt empowered.  As Chris’ wife, I have power to go to the Lord on his behalf and really pray down heaven in order to see change in his life and furthermore, our household.  Every chapter following gives personal experiences from Omartian as well as rhetorical circumstances and lends her biblical advice followed by a prayer that can be personalized for your husband followed by power tools (scripture verses) that support the theme of that chapter.

I haven’t read the book from front to back but I’ve read every chapter at one point or the other based on what I needed to pray about concerning my husband.

If you’re a wife or engaged to be married, I 100% recommend this book.  If you find yourself super flustered and don’t know what to pray, I recommend this book.  If you feel like no matter how much you talk to your husband, things aren’t changing, I recommend this book.

If you’ve read this book already, please share how it’s helped you and your marriage in the comments below!

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