The Prepared Wife: A Sassy Seminar

Wives Unite is excited and proud to announce that our official launch event is here!!

The Prepared Wife, A Sassy Seminar

This seminar will equip you with knowledge on how to navigate through marriage, a community filled with other wives, and just a little bit of sass to make the day a bit more fun! Overall, our goal is for you to leave refreshed and confident in who you are and the purpose that God has for you as a wife.

You can expect discussion on topics that wife-centered, fun “sex ed” where we share some tips, tricks, and secrets, access to our Prepared Wife Kit (only available for pre-order) that has EVERYTHING you need for your marriage, and the opportunity to connect with other women from NYC.  We’re all about building a wife community where we can support and learn from one another.

For more information  please contact us at WivesUniteContact@gmail.com

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